Bike locking ethics?!

So I just went to the store for some ‘Mr Noodle’ packs.  I am a big fan of Mr noodle, but 50 cents a pack is just too much!  Anyway, on the way back from the grocery store, I decided to take a look at my bike which is locked in front of my apartment building.  To my surprise, someone has locked their bike to mine!

This is crazy! About a month ago some motherfu**er stole my front wheel and I have not moved it from where it was locked since.  Maybe this person has noticed that my bike has not moved for a month. In any thought process its not a rational action. What do I do now?
  1. Wait for the person to remove the bike while in a bush and then launch a surprise attack.
  2. unlock my bike and keep his bike
  3. Ignore the situation due to my bike being out of order
  4. Take it as a message from a divine bike God to fix my bike.

Not sure what to do in this spot but its funny anyways

Bike Ethics
I ended up waiting it out for a bit then got bored and went inside and prepared my Mr Noddles.  The dude retrieved his bike and is still on the loose.
C’est la vie.
Thank you for your interest
Gregory Blake

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