The Bourne Identity 8.4/10

I love the fact that their are untraditional career choices that are secret to the public.  I have always been amazed by secret agents as most of us.  From James bonds  swagger to Austin Powers eccentricity, I can not get enough of these films.  Since I have time while staying busy, I have decided to watch movies for inspiration.  As I searched for films to watch I realzied that I have not watched any of the Bourne movies. So I am in the perfect place to start!

I am not usually a fan of Matt Damon although he is a believable actor and is in one of my favourites movies – Rounders.  I liked the films simplicity to expose the amount of information can be gathered when the barriers of belief are cut through.  I liked the film and I have an appetite for the remain of the series.

I rate the film 8.4/10.   


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