Can self be actualized?


 The questions ” do I have freewill?” or ” Who am I?” have serious positive implications concerning  the level of our existence and presence

It is very simple and at times fulfilling to follow the biological imperatives while existing  but when we are searching for “MORE” where does one look?

It is amusing when a person hates their voice and its completely normal.

That skinny person who thinks their fat.

That intelligent person who feels they have nothing to add to the conversation.

It seems by nature, we have been programmed to not completely understand ourselves, and how others perceive us.

When we accept the anxieties the goes along with not knowing, we are able to find our true self much easier.


This is not a trial run. This is the real thing and we are not here to waste this life due to your fears or laziness.

 Now lets go and experience without shame, judgement or fear.

Gregory Blake


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