Caribana toronto parade

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Weather was perfect.  This was a day to remember!

Gregory Blake

I Totally forgot that the parade was on the 3rd of august and agreed to help a friend execute her grandma’s 90th birthday party.   I also made plans to sell beer with my dear friend Zita Katz at the parade.

We ended up selling 50 cans of beer and drank a fair amount as well.

zita katz

Instead of cancelling, I took on both activities.  I spent the day with half dressed Caribbean men and women drinking and dancing in the sun.


 during the night, I was with a room full of fully dressed  90 year old European women who were drinking and singing in the moon light.

90th birthday cake


It was a full day but the experience was completely worth it!

I had  a blast on both side!

Gregory Blake

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