Party girl

Party Girl By Chinawoman

It doesn’t matter What you create If you have no fun Pretty girl Put down your pen Come over here I’ll show you how…

elephant paris fashion

War Paint – Elephant

“Elephant” I’ll break your heart to keep you far from where all dangers start and atmosphere gets crazy light where every breath just bites…

gregory blake love toronto

Loves focus

Love keeps the blood flowing and interferes with focus tremulously when your needs are not met. Some call it infatuation where I like to…

I get bored

I found out about the Deftones in 2000 while working at athlete world. They played the song Changes over and over again while I…


Future – Love Song

[yframe url=’’] Wondering if I am on your mind….

Breaking into Your Heart

Flyleaf – I’m So Sick (SK-ONE Dubstep Remix)   “I will break into your thoughts with what is written on my heart”