Facing difficult decisions can lead to meaningful changes in your life. Practicing the doing the “same old” is not going to suffice when…

sensible surface

  Overlooking the fact that you are sleeping is typical but to hold on to your awareness is like riding a bull down hill.

Never Alone

Are you thinking of someone? Is someone thinking of you? As we interact with others we increase the possibility of never being alone. Someone…

Wake up Gregory Blake Blog


“the vibration of your celebration is my motivation to find salvation” BOredomBLess

Gregory Blakes blog

Why Watch

List of thing to do: Fuck you for watch us Fuck you for watching me Fuck you for nothing Because I love you GeB

Degrees of me

The mirror reflects our image but does not expose the core of our being.  Photos tend to reveal us being ourselves but only offer…

Playing feild

The expected results not realized can force a deep frustration. The feeling of success seem to overcome all. Both mental states are illusionary. In the…