Wow In the now

I say wow in the now Realizing all of its glory Respecting the past and honoring the future while eliminating all possible worries


She Thought she was right Running for the hills Looking for a secure sunset or A place to fade away Both will offer simple…

pre or pro

Introducing the dwelling of the lost Lost in time which never existed Wishing time did not fly Asking why it is so I shell…

Boredom Bless

consequence of sequence

Every Atom is watch you Atoms are here for you to watch even the innocent die All things must end The rebirth is inevitable…

Voiced Opinion

The Anticipated Response The pause before picking up the phone. Hello! Hello?! Hello, is someone there? The realization that you are still waiting. Pause….

Viewed Through Smoke

As words are exhaled from your month,  the purpose vapor can blind you. While in the cloud of your beliefs, others may appear consumed…

Gregory Blake

Sexuality In Solar Winds

The natural exchange of the sun and earth… …of female and male… …continues without interruptions. To lay eyes on these energies is to become…

Gregory Blake

The Circumstantial Self

Circumstances blind the average person of the tremendous significant of each moment they exist As they swim up the river of consequence Various forms…