gregory Blake

Experiencing the Engineered Existence

The truth was that her motives were questionable but when she was motivated, I stopped questioning and gave into the experience. The experience was…

In between infinite

We exist inside each other only as a dream living life forever always what it seems.

The Virgin and the Whore

The virgin and the whore They do not get along one thinks it’s right  where the other thinks it’s wrong This situation is Analyzed…

You are not a slave!

We are not slaves. We are not how we feel. We are not the medicated water we drink. We are not the genetically modified…

My Mind Molds Marbles

The raw materials have no resemblence of the final product As the powerful procedure starts to procure structure by force The rough exterior start to…

The flow of an idea

~BoredomBless~ Those lies dry eyes The truth create tears Those lies create fears The truth is sincere  ~VanDan~ Where lays my eyes My mind…

Dove, Seagull and Rat

Measurements never exact
Perfection without tact
Making a Meaningful impact
Doves, Seagulls and Rats
All in the same hat

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Questions that feed the process

As she arranges various photons, different hues and subtle aromas The question must be asked. Where did we come from and where do we…

Pharaoh’s Dream

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mxX43K3gyc’] The day is Yours. The time ticks around you. You’re the center of your reality. Reality is the additive to your perfect…

Homage to Humor

 The humor has arrived Honesty without the perks Laughing at myself Alone Not funny?! Humor animated Alway giving homage listening to the internal Laughing…