Degrees of me

The mirror reflects our image but does not expose the core of our being.  Photos tend to reveal us being ourselves but only offer a single slice of our entire being.

I recall when I was a early teen, I wished I could see my reflection in the mirror as if I was a stranger on the street.  I would stand in front of the mirror with my eyes closed while trying to erase my memory of myself.  When I open my eyes to my dismay, I could not see myself as a stranger.

Degrees of me

Now looking at pictures, while in my 30’s, that same 13 year old boy, to my surprises, he actual does appear as a stranger.  The effects of time, physical growth and life experience has granted my wish of seeing myself and not recognizing myself.

While inside the experience of now, future selves are distance and past selves are non familiar.

My goal in current is to know myself while experiencing “the now” so that in “the future”, when looking back, “the past” self is my friend who I recognize and not someone I am trying to forget.

Gregory Blake 222

Food for thought.



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