the external brain – Are you plugged in?

zombies and their phones

When travelling in public next, look around and count how many people are hunched over staring at their mobile devices.  depending where you are located the number may be astonishing.

I did just that yesterday on the Paris metro and the number of phones being stared at was 7 and 9 people had headphones in their ears.  So 16 people out of 25 were occupied by external technological stimulus at that moment.

Are we increasing our connectivity provoking experience of being or disconnecting from it?

The brain that each of us own and operate unconsciously, has amazing capabilities to create and innovate.  When we forget what the mind is our primary engine, our mind will be located externally and the world we exist in will become a mad one./p>

“In a mad world, only the mad are sane.”
― Akira Kurosawa

To feel isolated in this extremely connected world is not a sign of disconnection but a possible sign of a questioning mind searching for truth.

Do you feel connected or disconnect?


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