Go find Self

Go find your self

Guy 1 – You are on the right path it seems!

Guy 2 – Thank you but I am thinking of back tracking very soon.

Guy 1 – Why would you do such a thing? 

Guy 2 – I lost my self along the way getting here

Guy 1 -So could considered consider yourself “selfless”?

Guy 2 – I guess so. A selfless soul on the right path.

Guy 1 – Maybe you should go back dude. your starting to sound dramatic

Guy 2 – Drama is for the selfish. My goal is to be full of self so I can elevate to the path of enlightenment and provoke others to find their own form of enlightenment.

Guy 1 – As I said before friend, you are on the right path. Now go back and find yourself. I will be here waiting.

Guy 2 – thanks again!

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