Halloween Story

Well I’m not sure what I will be this year but it should prove to be an amazing party.  In past years I have been a “Mexican without a cause” an “old man” and a lighter version of “Shaft”

Growing up I was a pirate like 5 times for some reason.  I think having an eye patch and sword was the selling point.

Last year I went to one of those Halloween stores two days before Halloween and bought accessories that would at least cover my identity.  I bought the following items:

a wig (grey)
a mustache (black)
a wicker hat
sun glasses
bottle of tequila (to drink mostly)
black shirt and pants (from personal closet)
belt around my chest (that look like bullets?)

Sinner and saint

When I put all of these items on, friends referred to me as a “dirty Mexican” but I referred to myself as a drunken Mexican to remain politically correct.

I stuck with the Mexican theme throughout the night.  I ended up wearing a black backpack to carry the bottle of tequila and shot glasses so we could take occasional shots while on our adventure through the Toronto streets.  This actually didn’t work out well because at one point during the evening some dip shit, by mistake, put the bottle in my backpack without the lid. I am almost sure it was me.  Its possible it was one of my friends due to the fact that we were drinking in the streets and the bottle was drunken from frequently but never was out of the bag more then 8 seconds.  I did not realize this until every drop of the half full bottle  soaked my bag, shirt and pants.  I was drunk, smelt like tequila severely, and was angry about losing the tequila.

Angel to the rescue

My close female friend from Washington was visiting and spent most of Halloween night with me and my people.  She was truly a godsend because I had an exam two days following Halloween and had not started studying. I think it was an economic class that involved calculus.   I should have been home studying or even sleeping but I was on the path of a sleepless night and a unholy hangover in the morning.

She was in town for only a few days and wanted to maximize the alone time we spent. So she was able to convince me to accompany her back to my apartment and leave my friends behind.  I do not remember much more about the night from that point on but she tells me that she enjoyed herself and I was all smiles.  She said that we were home by 1am and I was sleeping around 2:30 am.  This made it possible to sleep in until 5pm the next day, study all night on Sunday and then write the exam at 8 am on the Monday morning. I passed the class and survived Halloween 2009.

Flying high by the end of the night

Anyhow, enjoy your Halloween night and remember to put the cap back on your tequila bottle while keeping angels close.

Thanks again for your assistance MV and shout outs to the people I spent Halloween 2009 with.

Be well and thanks for your interest

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