I wonder if this pick up strategy actually works?

The other day, Ravae and Myself were walking down Yonge street towards Dundas when all of the sudden Ravae starts laughing out loud.  I look at her and she is pointing at a fellow walking in-front of us.  I look, and to my surprise, there is a sign written on paper safety pinned to the back of his jacket.   It said “if you are looking for a date, feel free to contact me and we could meet up.  He had his email and mail addresses at the bottom of the message.

Pick up strategy gone wrong

I thought that it would be cool to see what he had to say about it.  So I turned on my phone video camera and asked him about it.

So people are just weird.  Its funny that his reaction was so strange concerning  the attention we gave him.  The note made it seem like he was calling for attention.   I wonder if his strategy has worked for him ever.  I really hope so for his sake.

Love is difficult to find and I believe finding it at any cost is necessary.

Good luck to all of those in search of love

Be Well

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