Inverted Ego

I would have to say that my life has been like a water slide with many unexpected twists and turns.  An anticipation to experience before and a longing to experience again afterwards. While experiencing the slides, eyes are closed and I am overwhelmed with the feeling.

My longing to love another has lead me to this present moment.  In Paris, France writing this blog entry.  All events leading up to this moment are remembered like a film played in slow motion and in black and white.

One of my closes loves continuously influences me to challenge anxiety, fear, and doubt.  It pushes me to the barrier of my knowns and exposes the empty vacuum of unknowns I frantically avoid and forces me to look at the directly.  This love is consciousness and everything that embodies it.

It is 3:44 am and I want to invert my ego.  I want to free myself from circumstance.  I want to see clearly without thick mud influencers that have burdened us for a very long time.

Misconceptions are the enemy.

Those that battle their misconceptions and support the extreme transition that is taking place are the fearless front line soldiers.

The Inverted Ego is here to support them.

inverted Ego - Gregory Blake


 3:46 am And I am going to bed

Gregory Everton Blake

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