Jonathan Wu – Welcome to my World

Jonathan Wu

In 2012, while I was walking home from an eventful night out at around 5am I met Jonathan Wu.  He was sitting on the steps of the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) and he was taking pictures traffic passing by. His camera was on a tripod and it was very low to the ground.  He was looking through the eye piece waiting for his next shot. He was looking to capture the perfect shot of the essence of traffic.

My curiosity over came me and I had to learn more about what he was doing. We ended up holding a conversation for 2 hours. We spoke of many things and found we had many similar interests.

Since then Jonathan and myself have stayed in touch.  In current Jonathan is producing his first Debut show which is called “Welcome to my World”.

Opening night – December 5th – 6th 2013 and exhibition night –  9th – 14th

Jonathan Wu

Jonathan is a very focused and analytical person who finds the complex in the simple and the simple in the complex.

He continues to build his artist foundation with his high level of focus, motivation and persistence.

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If you are free, drop by the show.

Click here for more details

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