Location of your heart

The heart is found in the top left area of your torso. The essence of your heart is not as easily located.  While finding “self”, the location you are residing in and the people you surround yourself with have a large impact on expression,  passion and purpose.

Change is provoking.

on my way to paris

Entering France for a need reset of perception

The search for positive change can alter the way we interact with our mind, body and friends.

As I march with time flowing forward, when looking back I remember those times that I doubted and feared. Those feeling were isolating and discouraging.  Of recent, I have recognized the importance of a positive outlook. I have been attempting to use fear and doubts, which are natural emotions, as tools to enhance my real time experience which is opening future possibilities and positive change.

With a strong heart  ones own character is enhanced which others will notice and be influenced by this shared energy.

When in doubt of your purpose locate your heart, first find the beating heart that continuously supports you throughout your life and then find where your outward essence is located.  If fear or doubt surfaces, realize that this is natural. Compare where your positive energies are located and your expectation of where it should be located in your mind.

Mating your expected and actual energies could be considered a step towards peace of mind and outward positive influence.

That Same old heart in a new location.

let it beat freely every moment.


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