Mother Sacrilege



Sacrilege Series

The essence of who we are depends on many factors that are outside of our control.  There are two major factors that we must accept while existing to maximize our level of presence within our selves and interacting with others.  These two factors are as following:

The absolute does not exist.

We were born into many circumstances.

The mind must depend on a foundation of major beliefs to functions in the ever changing world. As a collective and in our personal lives we start to create fiction absolute foundations. This creates a disconnection from the true properties of the system that we are within.

While we exist, its important to create a foundation of realistic beliefs, goals and expectations.  All things change and if we except this fact then our own transition will be more peaceful, satisfying and purposeful.

If you are dissatisfied with your current path, Challenge  your beliefs.  Channeling your true self may be consider blasphemy or just plan outlandish to some but a life without conscious decisions could be compared to no existence.



You did not choose your Mother but you are free to choose your sacrilege.

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