Motivated to travel down the unlit tunnel

Our Motives are the push and pull of all human actions, interactions and consequences.

While walking forward into the darkness, we will trip, fall and/or parish.  While walking backwards, the experience is similar to a dream. It is rarely creating new perceptive and is quickly forgotten.


Nature tests those that are able to find guidance in the darkness.

The seer is given a flashlight to find this guidance.  This person has two options: 1) governing others without flash lights in a negative manner 2)  governing others without flash lights in a positive manner.

When the seer attempts to take advantage of the searchers, his awareness is compressed and the experience of the lighted path becomes less provoking, forgiving and obvious.

If the seer looks to share the light with others in a honest way, nature extends the life force and legacy of the individual beyond the boundaries of the normal perceptive.

This is proven with the existence and actions of many of the prophets, saints and thinkers of the past. Their thoughts still shape our current paths without the need for their physical and mental energies to exist in the present.

The ability to see through ones own motives increases the understanding of others motives.  When surrounded by driven individuals with poorly derived motives, one has options to guide,empower or take advantage.

To enjoy the journey the light must be consumed honestly and with a minimization of  internal and external conflict.


Live in accordance with nature or prepare for anguish and despair.

Thank You

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