My bubble and escaping it

Oh, where to go from here….

This picture depicts what I experienced in my dream last night minus the trees, sun, water and clouds.

I have realized that our world is not as small as my perception has lead me to believe. Friends are coming back from schools that are abroad and speak of mysterious and life changing events.  Damn my perception! One of my biggest issues is that I have a bubble complex.  I need to stay in my geographic bubble to feel like Gregory.  This is going to change.  I foresee the overcoming of this complex! By damn, I will travel!  I will  sail major oceans and climb hills with labels like ‘mountain’ or ‘volcano’.  I will walk on all fours in jungled areas looking for my prey.  I will fight the itch of poison ivy and look for remedies for trench foot…..

… all begins with locating a reasonable deal on an all inclusive resort in a warm environment.  Maybe a place where the pools are kept warm and the disco opens at 9pm.  Then I will know what it is to escape my homeland.  Any suggestions?

Life is grand when you reach high~~~wink

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