puer aeternus (forever young)

I looked in to the mirror the other day and ask myself, “How old are you Mr Everton?”   In quantitative aspects I am 29 years old but how old do I feel you ask.  I feel 25 most of the time.  When I meet young professionals who have a PHD and are working to solve world hunger at age 28, I feel 8 years old.  But on the other hand, when coming across a man experiencing his midlife crisis and he reveals his favorite past time is watching Professional wrestling and beer, well I feel much older.

Time warps the mind
Overall, I recognize that age is nothing more then the number of cycles traveled around the the sun while remaining alive and well on Earth.  I read the other day that It takes Saturn 29.5 Earth years to travel around the sun.  So if I were to live on Saturn instead of earth, I would have turned the age of one on October 1st of this year.   So if our numerical age is relative and my perception of age is shaped by others achievements and beliefs, How fucking old am I than?!  There are millions of people that make me feel both 8 and 82 and on Saturn I am one.  Where does true age lie?  Maybe its in level of responsibilities or experience? Maybe there is only a human collective age?  Maybe age does not exist?
The planet Saturn
Saturn and all of its moons
Our current age is the last of our worries. If we lived forever then age would be more significant in categorize where you should be when your 20 or 2023 years of age.  In current times our life could end at any moment which has dramatic consequences on ones age because YOUR DEAD!
Well there are things that must develop to be considered a grown up (or able). You would be have issues fitting in with your peers if you were not able to control you bowel movements at the age of 21 or never learnt how to walk.
I think age should be assigned at the date of death. Then we could have empirical evidence on how a person conducts his/her self based on what knowledge is known of that person and create benchmarks of what most people that age have achieved.  Just a thought anyways. Not sure how they would check for idea at bars and rated r movies without an age. This could prove to be a issues.
Anyhow, in a world where fine wines and cigars are increased in worth with age; Where physical beauty is fleeting and the mind remains delicate with age, I sit and wonder how old will I be in the end.
Aged well for 200 or should of laid off the smoking
Be well
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