Rob Ford and the city of Toronto


So Today there was a story that was all over the news concerning Rob Ford breaking the law. He was on his phone while driving and a fellow citizen that was also driving pointed it out. It was reported that a lady driving with her daughter attempted to get the attention of Ford to bring awareness of his actions. The lady reported that when she was able to get his attention He proceeded to give the mother and daughter the finger . Ford denies these claims but this story has received much attention on local newscasts and online social media sources.

The mayor of a City is a selected member of society where their duty is to represent the majority of the voting public. I am sure that most of his supporters would not see this as the action of a responsible mayor.

I commend Ford for absorbing so much hate while keeping calm but I would suggest he refers to his associates who may have a little more tact and understanding of the role of mayor.

The Penalty for this crime is a $155 fine. Ford was not charged or fined for this deed.

Here are a few videos of Fords wonderful behavior.

Let’s hope Ford is able to step up to the plate and attempt to hit a home run instead of arguing with the empire all game.

Thank you


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