Is it selfish to make “Me” your main focus?


In my life time I have encountered many interesting types of relationships. From family, lovers to friendships, each offering lessons, excitement and discouragement at times.

With each encounter, the powerfulness of selfishness always tends to surface. I am at times the propagator and other times the receiver of this absorbing energy.

I woke up this morning and asked myself – Is it selfish to make Gregory (me) my main focus? then I realized how strange this question is to ask yourself.

The truth is that “Me” has many components that are the core inner workings of the self.

My body is part of “Me”.
My environment is part of “Me”.
The people I interact with are part of “Me”.
and My mind is part of “Me”.


Each component working in clockwork to produce this identity I refer to as “Gregory”.

To improve Who you will be, you must empower the components of “Me” in the present.

Many people start the new year with large goals of self improvement with little or no success. This is not a sign of weakness or laziness but a misunderstanding of what the elements of “Me” or finding a balanced positive selfish outlook.

So my morning conclusion is that as long as you are empowering each component of “Me” (mind, body, nature and others) you can be completely selfish in a ethical and productive manner.

Best wishes in the new year and being focused on becoming the best you can be.

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