The opposite of hope

Christian Bettencourt toronto

I have heard that you should never judge a book by its cover but sometimes you must know a little about the ending of the story before entering.

I have entered a book without know the theme or ending.  Midway through the book the content began to become uneasy and misleading. I had to drop the book but the image of what I read was sketched into my brain.

People are like books each have their own theme and content but not all have the ability to entertain or provoke wellness in the mind of the reader.  Relationships are built on the theme and content of the interactions over time.  When there are characters in your life that are operating with hidden intentions or resentment they can dramatically alter your story and even change the genre of your essence.

As I age, I notice that the other, which could be friend, family or foe, must be approached with caution.

Forgiveness is difficult but possible.  Lessons are learnt and applied to the next choice of book. The mental scars do fade but do linger.

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Stray cats do deserve homes but they are stray for reasons.

Christian Bettencourt from toronto  



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