Vanity Veils Vixens

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Easy living

Expectation of giving

Observing curve that are absurd

Life lesson never learnt

Giving so much

Easily burnt

Love and lust are just words

Loveless is a term

She is a vixen listening to your vision

Using vanity to cover up her mission

She was fully yours until she went missing

The veil hides the power she is actively omitting

Curse is the word

She is viewed from afar now

You ask how

how is this true?

The memories of her

Conjure up a negative point of view

She was that mysterious menacing moment

Experienced but you were never able to hold it

As the veil is slowly removed

As the temptation is increased and easily proved

You realize

You were introduced to a creature of many faces

She is now exposed



gregory blakes blog

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