Warm embrace with sour after taste

The wise man learns and builds from his mistakes but his last mistake could be considered his last breath.  Each step towards perfection increases perfections circumference.  While attempting to love, one can only hold his breath and hope for his mistakes to be forgiven.

Question : Is loves bliss worth loves betray?

The time spent attempting to love in a finite existence is exhausting and some individuals never are given a chance to come up for air.

I feel bliss is truly a curse.  If a person only experience bliss, the experience has no contrast to the opposite.  The issues arise when bliss is mistaken for quick fixes, fulfilling experience or  mind altering substances.  In these cases, bliss is no more then a band aid placed upon a bleeding heart.

Love’s embrace is blissful and the mistakes that arise are for the understanding of the road map of life.

Blissfully accepting the sour after taste.


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