Wealth and billionaires vs my wallet and thoughts

Fuck the poor

In 2010 there were 1011 billionaires worldwide while 925 million people were suffering from chronic hunger. If each billionaire was to give 10 % of their wealth to the super hungry(if each is required to give the percentage on maximum of 1 billion) then that would accumulate to 101 billion (101,000,000,000) dollars at minimum to feed those individuals.

So that would be $109.29 for each person.  Better yet, these funds could help develop farming operations that are specially designed to assist in feeding this group of unfortunate individuals.  A large amount of this starving class is located in areas of the world where the dollar can go a long way and have more influence on resources.

Fuck the poor

How do you motivate the super rich to assist in such a non profitable investment? Its difficult to say what motivates someone that already has everything.  Well It seems like most of the super rich strive for a similar goal, power and recognition.  Steve Jobs gets extreme joy out of creating innovative technology while slowly increasing his overall influence in the average Joes life.  Bill Gates has recently given up his seat as head of Microsoft but has not given up the top spot on the worlds list of billionaires.  To crash world hunger we must motivate those in the driver seat to focus on the less fortunate.  This proves to be difficult due to the lack of profits involved in feeding the moneyless.  Here is a list of items that could motivate the super rich off the top of my head:

More Power — absolute power corrupts absolutely

Money — root of all evil

Access to all—including items that infringe on our rights

Freedom—-freedom to travel anywhere including the moon

Legacy — The sweat stain on history

Lack of negative media pressure —keep clean of the wiser

Self convictions — Believing is seeing

Life extension —–Freeze my body and wake me up when we are there

Most issues stem from the decision or lack of decision of a very few individuals.  Leaders, government and most monetary policies have not eliminated world hunger which should be the human races primary objective.  The freedom to exist should be a birthright for all.  The wisdom and effort aim on profit creation has created a system that relies on its own narcissism.  Advertisements have become our primary life force influencer with consumption being our primary oppression(in the first world at least). This creates a world where paper and gems keep our minds in marble molds destroying the aspirations of each beauty pageant participant; ending world hunger!

Motivate the rich to help the poor and we all meet in the middle…..

Peace and love

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