Why is racism so Confusing?


I am the product of an interracial union that was short lived (less then 2 years).  I grew in a white town being apart of a white family with Snow White as a go to bed time movie.  I was introduced to my black side at the age of 13 which lived on a black filled block in the core of a big city.  When I say black side, white people were strangers or assimilated due to association.   I bounced back and forth and found that my race was imposed on me.  In the white world I was black (especially when fresh price of Bel-air was in full stride).  In the black realm, I was the white boy trying to fit in.  boredombless

I found myself racially confused, especially when experiencing active racism from non family members from both sides.  It was difficult until one day I separated myself from these external beliefs and started to be me.  I realized that I was not confused but the environment I was conceived in was lost.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmQz_0-dd2g&list=UUMgtY72FZM-TC8Mtm0ZMGWw&index=1&feature=plcp’]


As we mutate and become something new, the question arises. Are we ready for change? It difficult to say but in a routine based society, change is difficult. Racism is the friction concerning this change. The future is clear for racism and as we find ways to neutralize it, we will find a collective sense that will extend into the galaxy.

Well it time for change. #Neutralizeracism

Peace, love and awareness
Gregory Blake



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