would you get implants if you were given $100000? This guy did!

Brian Zembic

Brian Zembic, a Backgammon/Poker/Blackjack player of note, was offered a wager by his fast gambling friends; $100,000 if he got breast implants. Zembic must have needed the dough because at the 11th hour he went under the knife and got some 36C sized tits. He won the bet, but the kicker to this story is that Zembic still has the breasts, which, word has it, serve as a total babe magnet.

He had to wear the breasts for a 12 month period but decided to keep them due to the positive effects it had on his sex life.  Chicks dig breasts!

I do not see myself doing something like this but I would pay to see one of my friends do it.  Who has the guts and body proportion? lol

Anyhow, thought I would share

Peace and love


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